Assam Textile Institute, the only pioneer institute in the entire north-eastern region in the field of textile was established in 1920. Formerly known as Assam Weaving Institute, the Assam Textile Institute was the dream child of Late Raibahadur Kanaklal Barua. The Institute was set up with a support to the Anti British Movement by refusal of foreign textiles and to make Assam self dependent in textile production.

Since inception, the Institute has gone through numerous changes and the present position of the institute cannot be denied by any textile industry in India. Number of passed out students from this Institute now hold responsible and distinguished portfolio in the field of textile. The fame even spread abroad as some of the passed out students of the Institute have established themselves as responsible technocrats in different countries.

For all round development of this premier institute, formation of an Alumni Association was always felt in need specially to provide feed back to the next generation students of the institute. Due to rapid change of customer’s taste and for cut throat competition of the textile manufacturers, the change in the part of technology of textile manufacturing is also inevitable. These rapid changes can be provided to the next generation students by the established technocrats only. With the objectives of providing purely educational support through feed back from different field of textiles, the first Alumni Association of Assam Textile Institute was formed on with an executive body.

Executive Body

Chief Advisor:

  1. Prof. Kalyan Kr. Sarkar Principal, Assam Textile Institute


  1. Lakheswar Choudhury, Joint Director H&T,Assam.
  2. Girish Brahma, Joint Director H&T,Assam.
  3. Jiten Goswami, Deputy Director H&T Assam
  4. Kalyan Kr. Bhagawati Ex-Director, APOL
  5. Dilip Baruah M.D Fabric Plus
  6. Ashok Kr. Das. Lecture, Assam Textile Institute
  7. Ajit Kumar Kakoty. Lecture, Assam Textile Institute
  8. Tanmoi Das. Lecture,Assam TextileInstitut.


  1. Sri Rabin Sarma, Add. Director H&T Assam

Working President:

  1. Sri,Prasanta kr. Sarma, Chief Textile Officer H&T Assam.


  1. Amal Narayan Choudhury. Asstt. Director H&T Assam.
  2. Dilip Talukder Asstt. Director H&T Assam.
  3. Ranjit Deka Asstt.Director H&T Assam.

General Secretary:

  1. Dr. Jayanta Deva Sarma Officer In-charge, HRDC.

Joint Secretary:

  1. Gopi Kanta Thakuria, Instrutor, Assam textile Institute
  2. Mrinal Nath, Demonstrator, H&T Assam.


  1. Robin Kataniar. Instrutor Assam Textile Institute.

Publicity And organizing Secretary:

  1. Niranjan Lahan, Instrutor, Assam Textitle Institute.
  2. Chandra Mohan Das. Inspector,H&T.Assam.

Office Secretaty:

  1. Kushal Kowar Patgiri, Instructor, Assam Textile Institute.

Executive Members:

  1. Ghanashyam Deka.
  2. Bedabrata Sing
  3. Bhaskar Kalita
  4. Bidyut Barkataki
  5. Nilo Kr. Sing.
  6. Anu Devi.
  7. Pranita Baruah.
  8. Sita Bora
  9. Mriganka Saikia
  10. Mrinal Borgohain
  11. Rabul Saikia
  12. Chandan Kr. Bora
  13. Pabitra Margherita
  14. Mrinal Kalita.