The Assam Textile Institute Library, one of the important central facilities of this institute, currently has a huge collection of text books, reference books, journals, back volumes, standards, newspapers, magazines, CD-ROMs etc. with the facilities of documentation, reprography etc. The library is open for faculty, students, researchers and others also. The library at the institute is privileged to support the institute’s match towards its vision-“To develop the institute into the systematic leader and pivot for excellence in technical education sector in this region.”

Library Floor Area: 1885 Sq.ft.

  1. Books= 10,078
  2. Current journal= 3
  3. Back Vols of Journal= 276
  4. CD= 6
  5. Periodical display reck= 2 No.
  6. Periodical display + Pigeon box= 1
  7. Xerox machine= 1
  8. Reading chair capacity= 36
  9. Manpower
  10. Librarian= 1
  11. Grade IV= 1